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On humanity — “We must never lose sight of the fact that we must take part in the development, not only of ourselves, but of all humanity.”

– Jewel Charles Henry Chapman, 1931


     Since the founding of Theta Delta Lambda, on July 31, 1962, the Chapter has focused its energies on Manly Deeds, Scholarship, and community service for All Mankind. Theta Delta Lambda’s goodwill services includes education and youth development programs and various community service projects all underpinned by establishing an education foundation as a charitable fund-raising entity. For more than 50years, these efforts enabled Theta Delta Lambda Chapter to award over $100,000.00 in scholarships to deserving graduating high school seniors and to be the first chapter in Alpha Phi Alpha to donate $100,000.00 to support the construction of the MLK memorial in Washington D.C. These achievements are the result of a dedicated work ethic and resolve by the Brothers who have served Theta Delta Lambda to personify the motto of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. — first of all, servants of all, we shall transcend all.

     The Brothers of Theta Delta Lambda continues to uplift the cause for the betterment of humanity by implementing the Fraternity’s National Programs, Special Projects, and local events. Visit our Programs page for more details.


History of Theta Delta Lambda

     Theta Delta Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. is a small chapter based in El Paso Texas.  It was established on July 31, 1962 and affirmed on September 30, 1962. On this date a group of fourteen African-American men gathered at the Second Baptist Church in El Paso, Texas for the chartering ceremony.   Its chartering members were T.H. Manning, Robbin E.L. Washington, Lloyd A. Givens JR., Miles T. Bryant, Columbus Floyd, Johnnie L. Shepherd, Alva E. Thompson, Roscoe A. Swann JR., L. Clayton Rivers JR., Winthrop J. Boulware, Alex A. Burns III, Calvin J. Powell, Nathaniel Sims and Dal L. Williams. Many of these Brothers were connected to the military at Fort Bliss, Texas, either as active duty personnel, or as retired military members of the community. Consequently, the Chapter’s foundation was shaped, to a large extent, by its military connection. It was also influenced by the leading institution of higher learning in the area, The University of Texas at El Paso. Some of the founding Brothers, and many of the follow-on Brothers, matriculated at this university.

     The Chapter’s history would not be complete without some comments about its geographical setting in a west Texas town with major influence from Fort Bliss, a sprawling United States Army installation, that lies to the east and northeast of the city, with training areas extending north into New Mexico, up to the White Sands Missile Range. The Franklin Mountains (the end of the Rocky Mountain chain) extend into the city of El Paso from the north and nearly divide it into two sections, with downtown connecting the two sections at the south end of the mountain range. All elements considered, the mountains provide a beautiful backdrop to the city and is an inspiration to the Chapter members for being in such a picturesque location. Climatically, the area is noted for sunshine practically year round and gives the City its nick name, “the Sun City,” as well as the name of its nationally known football bowl game, “the Sun Bowl,” the second oldest in the country behind the Rose Bowl. Chapter members proudly advocate the City’s cultural image and historical activities and entertainment.


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